Kopechele, The Grama Tortoise

There once was a young girl, who was brilliant, and beautiful, and kind, and wise beyond her years. But no one in her village would listen to a word the girl said. She was only the seventh wife of a man, and not considered important in her family, or village.

She left the village crying, so frustrated that her talents lay dormant in her. Outside the walls of the town, in the dry savannah, she wept.
A tortoise approached her, and gave her a gift. The girl received a stunning necklace, and she placed it around her own neck.

Back in the village, the the townspeople greeted the girl as a Goddess. They gave her flowers, food, rest, quiet, they asked her advice and followed it to the letter. The town prospered, and the girl’s gifts blossomed.

Eventually, the girl became frustrated again. These were her friends and neighbors, who still did not recognize her for who she truly was. She removed the necklace, and cried joyously, “It’s me!”
The villagers were angry. “You tricked us! You bad woman!” and they sent her back into the savannah.

The tortoise again came to the girl, in the dry wasteland outside the town. The tortoise said to her, “You were never supposed to take the necklace off. It shows you as you truly are. My granddaughter, and a Goddess.”