Diamond Core Tools

I met these guys at the Glass Craft Bead Expo, super nice guys. They are making grinding and carving tools for glass makers. Instead of 40$ for one grinder head that is no good after a week of grinding, they make 15$ heads that last forever – each tool has diamond grit embeded in the head to the core. So when the surface grinds off, it is still good.

diamont tool guys 2

So the thing in the picture that looks like a vessel wrapped in a strange dark film is a glass piece wrapped in sticky stuff. The sticky stuff is like a sheet of super tacky rubber stuff, and you can use it to hold your artwork so it doesn’t fly across the room while you’re holding it in wet hands, wet sanding, wet grinding, wet sawing – seriously, these guys are amazing! Super brilliant product. You can even cut it into little strips, and wrap them around your fingers, so just your fingertips are super sticky. Perfecto for those tiny pieces – that you can barely hold to the grinder head.

I am so excited to try this stuff out, I got grinding pads and polishing heads and all kinds of good stuff!

And next time, I’ll keep my eyes open for the picture. : )

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diamond tool guys

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