Caution: Hot glass!


This image shows so clearly the slow emergence of a face in a cabochon piece. I love how the character emerges.

Its important to remember that glass work, especially lamp work, involves ¬†sculpture that is forever moving. The artist has about three seconds to check and see – “yes, the two eyes are lined up” and shoom, it goes back in to the flame to keep warm. Another three seconds, “yes, the nose is in the center,” and back in the flame again.

None of my work involves paint, all the detail is applied hot in the flame.

Most of my work involves canes. The fur and feather designs I create are made using cane work. A cane is a long spaghetti of glass with a design or pattern in it. When I create a glass plug, with a pattern of stripes or layers of colors in it, and then pull that plug down in to a long spaghetti, that spaghetti can be so fine that the detail is not visible to the naked eye. When the glass is applied to a form, it spreads and suddenly the layers and detail in the cane become visible.


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